As China's economy become more and more globalized, it is necessary for individuals and enterprises to communicate in English. Founded in August, 1999, Far East takes up an area of 1200 square meters with excellent surroundings and convenient transportation. At the end of 2007, the first branch school of Far East was set up in Gongbei which takes...
Headquartered in Cultural Plaza of Zhuhai, China, Far East was founded in August, 1999. Over the past ten years, more than 10,000 students have received training here. Some 50 professional teachers and 12 course consultants work here fulltime. In December 2008, a branch school was opened in Gongbei, which is close to Macao. Currently its curricula include English courses for children, adolescents, adults, English major graduate courses, IELTs training and drama lessons.
In 1999, Mr. Xu Zhipei (George Xu), Principal of Far East Language Training School, developed a unique holistic approach, which he named ‘the Piano’ English Teaching Method (the Piano Method). Familiar with problems that the Chinese usually have in their learning of English, and with up-to-date professional knowledge and research work, Mr. Xu has enabled his students to make substantial progress in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Evidence indicates that the Piano Method can be the most effective teaching method for learners of English in China!
Having received a strict and systematic training of the Piano Method, teachers at Far East have elaborated a system of teacher-student interactive modules, which enables the student to practice and do things with English in every singe minute in class. We coach the student in and after class to make sure that not a single student is falling behind. We also understand that other factors, such as students’ different ways of life, ideas and habits can exert a subtle influence in their learning. We will do anything to encourage change.
Far East has always been enthusiastic in innovations. Multi-media means are applied in many courses to make the class more accessible and more interesting. The recently-established Far East School Student Club offers students varieties of activities and lessons, which include drama, lectures, competitions, English corners, entertainment of English songs and movies, creating a new way of life.
For years, with its unique ‘Piano’ English Teaching Method, and with devotion, diligence and wisdom, Far East has seen a healthy and rapid growth and is regarded as a leader of language training schools in Zhuhai. We believe that, one day, Far East will be recognized as one of the most valuable language training schools in China!


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