As China's economy become more and more globalized, it is necessary for individuals and enterprises to communicate in English. Founded in August, 1999, Far East takes up an area of 1200 square meters with excellent surroundings and convenient transportation. At the end of 2007, the first branch school of Far East was set up in Gongbei which takes...
The‘Piano’English Teaching Method

Typical problems for the Chinese in learning English

  1. Easy to forget what has learnt
  2. Chinglish
  3. No substantial progress in spite of possibly over 10 years of learning experience
  4. Poor pronunciation, intonations and rhythm
  5. The development of the skills of listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing unbalanced
  6. Finding it extremely difficult to comprehend English despite of a possession of a large vocabulary
  7. Insufficient understanding of the culture of English speaking countries
  8. Most students have been frustrated and have to give up learning English even if they have attended English lessens in training schools

What is the ‘Piano’ English Teaching Method?

Mr. Xu Zhipei (George Xu), Principal of Far East Language Training School, developed a unique holistic approach, which he named ‘the Piano’ English Teaching Method (the Piano Method). Familiar with problems that the Chinese usually have in their learning of English, and with up-to-date professional knowledge and research work, Mr. Xu has enabled his students to make substantial progress in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The Piano Method emphasizes a systematic, adequate coaching, training and practicing both in and after class. The Piano method believes: all normal humans are gifted to acquire linguistic skills; listening comprehension in a class is the foundation of the successful learning of a language; repetitive drills are fundamental in learning a foreign language; many factors (like ideas, habits, life styles, social backgrounds, etc.) can exert a subtle influence in their learning; teachers are to play a positive role in developing students’ correct ideas and habits that are necessary in successful English learning: education should be democratic in that each student in a class should be coached as an individual and that not a single student in a class should be allowed to fall behind; to safeguard successful acquisition of English, the learning and the use of the language should become part of a student’s life with efforts and professional skills of the teacher.

What can the Piano Method help English learners to do?

  1. To find it much easier to remember what has learnt than before
  2. To learn to speak with less and less Chinglish
  3. To speak with good pronunciation, intonation and correct rhythm
  4. To learn to ‘think in English’
  5. To see substantial progress and have confidence in one’s final command of English
  6. To get a balanced development of the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing
  7. To ensure progress for each student in a class
  8. To become bi-lingual and bi-cultural; to make the learning and use of English a part of the student’s life

The ‘Piano’ English Teaching Method can be the most effective teaching method for learners of English in China



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